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Here are some other questions and answers as we introduce electronic scorekeeping:

Q: Why is the scorekeeping app blank when I open it/not available in my area?

A: We are currently beta testing the electronic scorekeeping app in select areas. Once all the kinks are smoothed out, it will be released to all areas. Please refer to the link below for further information.


Q: How do I split tables in the scorekeeping app?

A: Once the match is in progress, pull that match screen down from the top, select the next players involved in next match and press start. You then will pull the match screen down from the top to bounce back and forth between both matches.

Q: Why can't I see the match after it's been submitted?

A: You can't see the match after it's been submitted because it still must be processed by your Local League Office before your stats/standings are effected by this match.

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