Pandemo Mode

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What is Pandemo mode?

Pandemo or Pandemic demo mode is a temporary demo mode available to players who are currently on a roster in their local League area.

Why am I getting “Not Available In Your Area Message” when I try to use the app?

You may be on an older version of the app. You can verify that you are on version v0.6.10-DEMO at the bottom of the Login screen. If you are on are the correct version and still receiving that message, try hard closing the app and restarting your phone.

I have downloaded the app but it didn’t update to the correct version?

The app is usually smart enough to look for the update to v0.6.10-DEMO but on occasion, it needs some help. Once the app is opened, the latest version starts getting copied behind the scenes. Once that is complete, an UPDATE banner will display. Tap it and the app should update. If the banner doesn't display on the login screen, it should display on the "Your Matches" screen fairly quickly depending on your internet connection.

How long can I demo the ScoreKeeper app?

When play starts to resume across the country, pandemo mode will END and access to the app will revert back to the testing leagues only. We are only able to offer this mode while there is no actual league play using the Scorekeeper App.

Why can’t I see all my matches?

The only matches available to score are your played/SCORED matches for the current session, this includes both 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches. Upcoming matches will not be available in demo mode.

Why don’t I have any matches to score in the app?

You must be on a team roster this session in order to use demo the mode. If you are on a team roster and still are not able to view scores after hard closing the app and restarting your phone, please use the feedback form and let us know!

Can I score matches at the same time as my teammates?

Yes! Your teammates can login to the app and start another match or ask to “takeover” the match you are scoring. You can also ask to “takeover” your match to regain scoring control. You can also watch your teammates score from the Scoreboard screen!

Are all features available in Pandemo mode?

No. The edit roster feature is temporarily disabled, as is the submit button. For demo purposes, the submit button will reset the match so that the match can be “played” again and again!

Why did I get kicked out of Pandemo Mode while scoring a match?

A teammate from your team was also scoring the same match and pressed the Submit button. They would have received a warning that the matches are in progress, but continued which resets the entire match and in turn, kicked you and anyone else out.

When will the REAL Scorekeeper app be available in my area?

We still have several features to add before the app is ready to roll out to ALL leagues. We will begin rolling out to more leagues after those features are completed, hopefully sometime later in 2020!

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