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Here are some other questions and answers as we introduce electronic score keeping app APA Scorekeeper:

Q: Why is the APA Scorekeeper blank when I open it/not available in my area?

A: We are currently beta testing the electronic score keeping app in select areas. Once all the kinks are smoothed out, it will be released to all areas. Please refer to the link below for further information.


Q:  My League is enabled. Why don’t I have any matches to score?

A:  Your matches will show up in your match list once the League Operator releases them for scoring. Generally, matches are released 1-2 days before a match is scheduled.

Q:  How do I edit the Team Rosters?

A: Click the Edit Roster button before you’ve assigned players to add/delete players from your roster. Select the match and scroll to the bottom to find the “edit roster” button. 

If you want to add a brand NEW player to your team, have them first join online at join.poolplayers.com.  Once they’ve become a member, you and the opposing team will be able to search in the Scorekeeper App and add them to the roster.

Unpaid members (after March 1) will need to log into their Member Services account and pay their membership. Then, you’ll be able to find them and add them to the team.

Once you’re done editing the rosters, proceed to “score match”.

Q:  I assigned the wrong player or chose the wrong lag winner. How do I correct it?

A:  In order to reassign a different player, you need to reset the match. From the Scoreboard, slide left on the match you need to reset. This will clear out the entire match for you to start over.

Q: How do I score a dead ball in 9-Ball?

A: Double tap the ball to mark it as a dead ball. Tap it a third time to make it "live" again.

Q:  We only played three of five matches and are making up the other two. How do I submit a partial match?

A:  If you need to submit a partial team match, you may click on the Submit button at the bottom of the Scoreboard. The App will tell you which matches are being submitted. The remaining matches will remain in your App to score at a later time. The submitted matches will no longer be available for editing.

Q:  How do I edit a match?

A:  To edit a match, slide down on the scoring screen to access the Scoreboard. Click on a match to edit it. You can then drill down into the match and games you need to edit.

Q:  How do I forfeit a game after it’s started?

A: If a match can’t be completed after it was started due to extraneous circumstances, you may forfeit by selecting the three-dot menu. There you will find a forfeit option.

Q:  What do I do if a teammate can’t finish scoring due to a dead battery or they no longer wish to keep score?

A:  Another player can take over scoring a match by logging into the App, selecting the match, pressing Match Underway and then selecting the match they want to score. The App will ask the first scorekeeper to release the match, if they don’t respond, it will automatically give the requester access.

Q: How do I split tables in the APA Scorekeeper?

A:  The App allows multiple matches to be scored simultaneously. Once the match is in progress, pull that match screen down from the top, select the next players involved in next match and press start. You then will pull the match screen down from the top to bounce back and forth between both matches. Or a team member will need to open the team match in the App, then from the Scoreboard, select a new match to score. Only one member will need to submit the scores at the end of the night.

Q:  My stats are not updated after I submit my match. Why?

A:  The match still must be processed by your League Operator before your stats/standings will be effected.

Q: Why can't I see the match after it's been submitted?

A: Once you submit a match, it will no longer display in your match list. We hope to provide you a view of submitted matches in the future.

Q: How do I score a dead ball in 9-Ball?

A: Double tap the ball to mark it as a dead ball. Tap it a third time to make it "live" again.

Click Here for more info on Pandemo mode!

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