How to Take Over Scoring a Match

Updated 2 years ago by Greg Fletcher

Learn how to take over scoring a match in the APA Scorekeeper mobile app, watch this video:

This is useful to allow one team Member to take over scorekeeping from another team member.

Example: A player who was keeping score has to play their own match or leave for the evening.

  1. The player who is going to take over scorekeeping needs to open the app, select the appropriate team match, then select the active match currently being scored by tapping the blue box.
  2. A box will drop down giving the incoming scorekeeper the option to take over the match. Select the blue, "Takeover" box to request to take control of the scorekeeping.
  3. The existing scorekeeper will then see a drop down box asking if they will release or deny scorekeeping control.
  4. Once the blue, "release" button is selected, the scorekeeping role will be moved over to the incoming scorekeeper.

** There is a 15 second window to accept or deny the request otherwise the scorekeeping responsibility will not be changed over to the incoming scorekeeper.

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